Supply Chain Management and Product Design

How is operational excellence ensured in supply chain management, in the innovation process and in product design? How can industry 4.0 applications easily and securely be implemented into your company? In partnership with Bossard Consulting, a strong team is at your side. Together, we will identify the hidden potentials in your company and reduce the complexity to a value-added minimum.

In a comprehensive check-up, we jointly identify the most important levers in order to increase the efficiency in your company, to thereafter address the various aspects of operational excellence. From strategic issues and questions, to supply chain management and product design, to concept and daily operation, you will receive a comprehensive solution to reduce complexity in your company.

You significantly reduce the complexity and thus increase the efficiency of your company. In partnership with Bossard Consulting, we can provide you with our complementary expertise - from strategic concepts to digital applications in the industrial sector 4.0.

In the optimisation of the supply chain management, you attain increased security of supply, productivity and reduced supplier diversity. In the field of product design, your product architecture is optimised, roles and simplified interfaces are implemented, and the diversity of variants is reduced.

At an initial check-up, we assess the initial position and identify the largest levers. In the subsequent design phase, we work together with your team to develop solutions for the approaches identified in the first step. When transferring to line organisation, we place particular emphasis on the feasibility of the company and ensure the application in everyday operation with tailor-made training courses.

  • How is operational excellence achieved in the areas of supply chain management, innovation management and product design?
  • How can efficiency and security of supply be increased simultaneously?
  • How can the complexity within the product architecture be reduced, but the value proposition expanded on?
  • How is sustainable integration into everyday business ensured?

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