Strategy Design

Does your company have the right strategy? The strategy forms the basis for all measures and actions. It dictates the direction in which your company is led. It defines where your company will be in the next three or five years from now. hpo’s strategy design services let you find the right path.

You recognise the development of the value chain, anticipate changes or actively impact these changes. This leads to a clear, differentiated positioning for your company within this value chain. Building on this, you can then develop a forward-looking strategy, a clearly defined business model and a clear impression of your value proposition for customers. Possible short-term optimisations are also part of the results, including prioritisation of strategic projects and defining clear measures to implement the chosen strategy.

You will receive the foundations for your company’s long-term development and for realising a competitive edge, transparent decision-making processes and easily communicable and implementable results.

Our approach is based on the 5S method with thematic additions such as business model innovation or strategic sustainability management, and is always adapted to suit your specific situation.

  • How does the whole value chain look vertically (from raw material to end product) and horizontally (from planning to operation)? How does this industry model develop, and what concrete positions can/should your company adopt in the future?
  • What opportunities and risks are created for you by trends and developments in the areas of customer needs, the overall market, market competition and technology?
  • What related strategic options can be established, evaluated and tested for you?
  • What effects do these options have on your targets, value proposition, positioning and company culture, and on your business model and attainable performance?
  • How will you embed the chosen strategy into your structure and culture? How can you make this measurable?

Reference projects

Industry: Healthcare

Company Size: Approx. 120 FTE


  • Political decision (2015) to further assess the integration of cantonal psychiatry into cantonal hospitals based on a preliminary project with hpo (2014), however lack of clarity regarding actual political will to implement
  • Organisational, wage-related and cultural differences between the two organisations
  • Cantonal psychiatry staff expressing resistance against the project due to worse working conditions and wages in hospitals


  • Develop solutions in four work groups
  • Suggest how psychiatry must be organised within the hospital, including management processes and job descriptions for key roles
  • Suggest how rooms should be used, financed and set up
  • Develop a suggestion for the transition period with regards to employment contract adjustments
  • Calculate the financial impact

Customer Benefits

  • Foundations for all decisions relating to the integration process, with estimations of potential and risks
  • Developing the organisation of integrated psychiatry as well as related management processes and responsibilities
  • Demonstrating the financial impact on the hospital and for psychiatry, as well as creating transparency about the actual cost situation
  • Cultural change initiated by close collaboration, discussions and transparent demonstration of the facts between the two parties and their staff

Industry: Trade and Consumer Goods


  • Strong market position in Switzerland, but confronted with stagnating revenue due to falls in prices
  • Strategic growth and efficiency potential should be developed in the short term


  • Analyse the market and competitive situation as well as current positioning
  • Preliminary talks about workshops with group management
  • Strategy workshop with members of management
  • Preparing workshop results and definition of further approach

Customer Benefits

  • Transparency regarding the starting point as well as existing areas of potential
  • Rapidly realisable quick wins developed together with the management team, as well as other objectives to be further developed in order to achieve further growth and efficiency potential
  • Clearly defined internal project assignments to clarify and achieve potential

Duration: 1 month

Industry: Machinery and Component Construction

Company Size: > 150 million CHF p.a


  • Head office structure and culture
  • Technology leader in a niche market
  • No synergy between departments
  • Unstable transfer prices based on negotiations
  • Unclear strategic fields of business


  • Create structural and process-based requirements for systematic business development
  • Deep understanding of the market and competitive situation
  • Establish attractive market segments
  • Define and evaluate positioning options in market segments
  • Introduction of Cost+

Customer Benefits

  • Company and business area strategies
  • Strategy-compliant group structure
  • Global introduction of Cost+

Duration: 12 months

Walter Regli, former VRP & CEO of ERNI International AG, on the project: Company and business area strategies were successfully developed and implemented with hpo

‘We were looking for an external partner to strengthen the future viability of our international business; with a wealth of experience not just in the formulation but also the implementation of company and business area strategies. hpo was the ideal partner for us to sustainably design our future.

Due to their extensive experience in strategy and company design, hpo acted as a ‘coach’ guiding us through the process of designing our future in a target-orientated and transparent manner. Our management team got a very clear view of the consequences of strategic options regarding resources and core skills required in the future, as well as the necessary adjustments to process and set-up organisation. This gave us a lot of support in our decision-making processes. We are convinced that we can continue the success of our family business based on the foundations developed with hpo.”

Industry: Transport


  • Public transport company responsible for the market in a dynamically growing area
  • Business model focussing on planning tasks and partner management
  • Limited strategic and financial leeway due to existing structures
  • Aim: assess strategic aims and identity possible new areas of business


  • Analyse current values by interviewing executive management and key stakeholders as well as examining documentation
  • Develop strategic options in references to questions from the client
  • Develop a strategy and aim together with executive management and the board of administration

Customer Benefits

  • Independent evaluation of the current situation and possible strategic objectives, taking into account judgements from key stakeholders
  • Rough ideas of which directions the company could develop in
  • Adjusted company strategy to be adopted together

Duration: 3 months

Publications (German)



Customer views

  • «The foundations for our company’s continued successful development have been laid»
    (CEO, Bachmann electronic)

  • «The cornerstone has been laid for sustainable positioning within Europe» (CEO, Skyguide AG)

  • «High performance in the wine trade despite huge changes on the market» (Corinne Fischer, Representative of the Board of Directors and CEO, Bataillard AG)

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