Strategic Sustainability Management

Ecologically and socially responsible business is often associated with sacrifices and costs. However, countless practical examples show which opportunities are available for innovative companies. The focus is not just on long-term risk minimisation, rather on tangible short-term and mid-term benefits for the company, the environment and society as a whole.

Strategic sustainability management is not about becoming a bit “greener and more socially aware”, rather embedding sustainability targets within the company’s core strategy. The aim is to create real value for the company, the environment and society as a whole. At hpo, we know the world of business well enough to understand which strategic options are attractive for a company - and which aren’t. To put it simply, strategic sustainability management is about your company’s future viability.

See sustainability as an opportunity. It is an important driver for innovation, developing profitable products and services, harnessing new market segments, saving costs, increasing goodwill, motivating the workforce, profiting from new regulations and much more.

With our many years of experience in strategy and company design, combined with specific sustainability and change management know-how, we are perfectly equipped to comprehensively and professionally accompany you on your journey to a sustainable future. We use our tried and tested methods and best practice approaches, complemented by state of the art methods. You define your goals, and we will give our all to support you in achieving them.

  • How future-proof are your company and business model?
  • What does your company stand for? What goals would you like to achieve? How do you make these measurable?
  • What opportunities are there to create social, ecological and economic value? What are the risks?
  • What strategic options can be deduced, and how can you evaluate and test these? What (business model) innovations will give you a competitive edge?
  • How can you embed your chosen strategy in production, structure, processes, culture, and how can you get your staff excited about the strategy?



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