Process Design

How do you thoroughly ensure quality and efficiency? hpo process design services let us support you in harnessing hidden potential to improve quality and efficiency. This process design will rigorously embed the «big» organisational changes and lay the foundations for ongoing improvement.

Your business, support and management processes will be designed and optimised down to the smallest detail. This process design results in requirement profiles and development models for service providers and specialists. Clear interfaces and descriptions of tasks ensure that processes work well with one another. The blueprints can be presented in a verifiable quality management system, and used as the basis for all digitalisation actions. Optimal use of resources is guaranteed by the quantity structure for qualitative and quantitative development and planning.

High-performance organisations don’t make compromises even when it comes to the smallest details. Correctly trained and documented, these processes are the basis for efficient, cooperative and strategy-compliant work that spans locations and organisations.

Process design is part of the integral design approach. We rely on our own tried and tested design methods (7P process plan) and integrate further proven methods (such as B. Lean and Six Sigma). The combination of client know-how and our inter-industry experience makes for an optimal process landscape to which all staff contribute.

  • How can strategic specifications and key success factors be implemented in the process?
  • How could the process be more efficient and more effective?
  • How can processes be made simpler, parallelised, automated or even simply avoided altogether?
  • How can performance targets be achieved and measured?
  • How can we ensure that the company works in compliance with the defined processes and supports their constant development?

Reference projects

Industry: Insurance

Annual sales: ~300 mio. CHF turnover p.a. with > 200‘000 insured persons


  • Several sites with inconsistent processes
  • Unclear areas of responsibility (matrix organization)
  • Lacking requirements of processes for the foreseeable employment of new technologies ( electronic data recording and storage)


  • Elaboration and implementation of a business model according to strategy
  • Redesign of business processes
  • Detailed activity-based costing as a basis for an internal benchmark

Duration: 9 months


  • Approval of a new process organization (separation of customer care and production)
  • Extensive centralization of the production at one site
  • Sustainable cost reduction of > 3 mio. CHF (~15%)

Christof Zürcher, Executive chairman Atupri health insurancePaved the way to optimal customer services with hpo

“We wanted to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand we wanted to optimize our customer service; on the other hand the reorientation should also lead to a cost reduction by avoiding redundancies. Thanks to hpo we have reached this ambitious goal although in theory this is not common practice – optimization of customer satisfaction and cost reduction at the same time. We have reached this thanks to the professionalism by hpo. Within a short period of time we introduced a new business model – with the clear aim of a long-lasting guarantee of our service quality. In addition we standardized the business processes and made the core- and support processes fit for the employment of new technologies. The result shows that we have made the right decisions. On the one hand the customer has only one contact person – one face to the customer – and on the other hand we can react more flexibly to the changing market needs. Thanks to this model redundancies could be eliminated which is positive for the operating costs“

Industry: Metalworking Industry

Facts: Ca. 50 FTE


  • Historically grown organisational structure showing a high complexity
  • Unclear processes and responsibilities
  • The maintenance of a steadily increasing part of the sold machines is done by “pirates”


  • Initiation of a cultural change and mobilisation of the staff via Cultural Change Workshops
  • Designing an optimal tailor-made process model
  • Deduction of the optimal, process orientated organisation using the process model, including the elaboration of the job descriptions
  • Elaboration of the results in teams consisting in staff members of the customer support generating a maximal possible “Ownership” for the solution

Duration:  2 months, followed by the implementation support 


  • New collectively supported business process model and organisation chart, including job descriptions
  • Detailed implementation plan including the new staffing plan approved
  • Cultural change towards a professional service mentality initiated
  • Continuous support during the implementation

Markus Hobi, Executive Vice President Canning TechnologytWith hpo developing an effective process organisation for the customer support and initiating a cultural change. 

"For a long time the customer support of Ferrum Canning Technology has been the problem child of the company. On the one hand the structure of the fast growing division was suboptimal, on the other hand there was no real service mentality anchored in the culture of the organisation.

As a part of the analysis of the current state, hpo conducted a Culture Change Workshop giving the employees the opportunity to deal specifically with the company culture. Precise measures were defined allowing the development of the company culture in the wanted direction.

The process and structure analysis showed that until now parts of the job descriptions were defined too ambitiously and could therefore not be fulfilled. The new process organisation adopted the principle of the «One Face to the Customer». The employee profiles were reviewed and simplified. Thereby, we not only hope to increase the customer and staff satisfaction, but also to realise some substantial gains in efficiency. By now we are convinced that we have the right structure allowing us to achieve our growth objectives worldwide.

We felt that working together with hpo was very targeted. The fact that a new concept was developed by a team composed of staff members of the customer support, led to a strong identification with the developed solution. The project work of hpo was highly efficient: In only two months the process model was developed collectively and based on this work the structural organisation. The macro design was completed with the publication of the new detailed job descriptions. Following this excellent cooperation we decided to rely on hpo to support us during the phases of the micro design and implementation of the measures."

Industry: Construction Industry


  • Existing process documentation not up-to-date
  • Management system is hardly used
  • The management system is not sufficiently user-friendly


  • Transfer, update and optimisation of processes, displayed in a new format
  • Additions, validation and approval from group management
  • Finalisation of drafts, checklists, functional diagrams
  • Create a training concept and train staff

Customer Benefits

  • Current processes identified and documented
  • Work documents deposited in processes
  • New management system software introduced, and training provided
  • Skills for maintenance/adjustment of processes clearly defined

Duration: 9 months

Industry: Transport

Company Size: Approx.  8.7 billion CHF revenue


  • Cross-departmental, mutual understanding of the target image’s areas of activity and key features
  • Thorough customer-orientated solution concept with clear and consistent processes, responsibilities and organisation
  • Creating structural and process-based requirements for systematic business development


  • Hypothesis-based establishment of the current situation (including process “walk throughs” to promote understanding of used processes; “best practice” interviews with relevant companies)
  • Deducing areas of activity and defining the key features of the target image (in the sense of design criteria)
  • Defining the target image in more detail (including customer needs and related services e.g. preliminary services, processes and organisational anchoring)
  • Developing concrete packages of measures to implement the target image

 Customer Benefits

  • Solution concept for the qualitative improvement of customer satisfaction in core business
  • Facilitating the organisation to generate additional business

Duration: 4 months

Andreas Meyer, CEO of SBB:

«SBB AG develops and operates one of the highest quality and best performing rail systems in the world. The integrated rail model, whereby rail infrastructure and transport such as gear wheels fit together perfectly and can be managed under one roof, has already proven itself in Switzerland.

Customer information is the most important discipline in integrated rail. Our customers expect consistent, binding, timely and helpful customer information in regular operation and in the case of planned or unplanned deviations from the transport schedule. The coordinated provision of high-quality information for passengers and staff requires clear processes and responsibilities to optimally regulate infrastructure and transport - from the moment the disruption arises until the right information reaches our customers.

hpo was our ‘performance coach’ in efficiently assessing customer information processes, responsibilities and organisation in a targeted manner. Within this role, the hpo advisors were responsible for defining approaches and rigorous measures, carrying out expert workshops, providing know-how from beyond our industry, and preparing the foundations for SBB executive management to make their decisions. The concrete organisational measures developed with internal experts and SBB Consulting are consistently customer-orientated and future-proof. In this complex, challenging project, we experienced hpo as a strong and competent partner.»

Publications (German)

Customer Views

  • «New processes have been implemented and trained with hpo» (General Manager Bushings, ABB Schweiz)

  • «The foundations have been laid for optimal customer service» (Christof Zürcher, Chairman of the Executive Board, Atupri Krankenkasse)

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