Organisation Design

Is your company properly organised? The biggest potential to improve efficiency and quality can be found in your company’s macro-structure. hpo organisation design services break through structural barriers and operate major one-off triggers. We support you in harnessing this potential and achieving your strategic aims.

You will receive a strategy-based structure of the value chain, and a relevant business process model with clearly defined interfaces and related organisational structure. Requirement profiles for management can be created based on this organisation design. The process-orientated organisation structure builds on clear roles with clear tasks, skills and responsibilities. The implementation measures are precisely defined in an implementation plan.

Your company will benefit from increased effectiveness and efficiency as well as minimal complexity. Organisation is scalable, and able to flexibly react to market changes. Thanks to the consistency of processes and responsibilities, your organisation can learn and continually develop. You can manage your company in a targeted manner using transparency and defined measurement values.

The prerequisites for strategy-based company design are clear, strategic aims. The process is based on the 5Md method and is adapted to suit your situation.

  • What are the future drivers in your business, and what is the related value proposition?
  • How is your (future) value proposition structured to ensure scalability?
  • How would you build your company to ensure you are prepared?
  • What are the relevant business processes, and how many resources are required?
  • How are different value levels connected?
  • How are business processes structured within the international environment? What is the task of competence centres, divisions, country subsidiaries etc?
  • What organisational structure is best suited to your business process model?
  • What is the most suitable management structure, and what management elements are necessary for your company?
  • How can these considerations best be transferred to your existing organisation?

Reference projects

Industry: Insurance

Key figure: Ca. 1.9 million insured people


  • Incongruence of process & organisational structure (matrix organisation)
  • Need for separation of sovereign and additional services in the context of prevention
  • Challenging preconditions for the delivery of non-sovereign operations
  • No systematic innovation


  • Clarification of interfaces according to requirements
  • 'Business Process Model Delivery' for the delivery of sovereign tasks as well as for additional business operations defined and implementation supported
  • 'Business Process Model Innovation' defined and operationalised

Duration: 8 months


  • Complexity reduced through implementation of a congruent process & organisational structure
  • Separation of powers between sovereign and other operations reflected in the organisation
  • Innovation management anchored in the organisation and thereby synergies in the development of both areas of operation reaped

Edouard Currat, Head of Department for Safety & Occupational Health, Member of the Executive Board, Suva: With hpo compliance with legal requirements assured, complexity reduced and effectiveness & efficiency enhanced

«One precondition from the revision of health and safety at work regulations and a result of Suva strategy has been the task for the prevention department to establish clear separation of powers between sovereign enforcement of safety & occupational health regulations and additional services in the context of prevention. 

hpo not only has supported us in organisational implementation of this task which required initial clarification of roles within the prevention department. We took a step forward and noticeably reduced complexity of the prevention department with a positive effect on manageability. Results of the reorganisation are reflected in process- and organisational structure today. In order to assure effectiveness & efficiency of prevention in the future, development of prevention has been anchored in the organisation. 

The support of hpo consultants based on proven methodology has been highly valuable in the concept phase as well as in implementation of the “optimal business process model prevention” – particularly since hpo emphasised the balance between methodological approach and specific requirements of the prevention department. Thanks to experience in implementation as well as good cooperation with hpo consultants, first results already have been realised during the project.»


Industry: Healthcare


  • A hospital needs a competent partner to care for complex cases
  • A specialist clinic relies on high case numbers in ‘highly specialised medicine’ (HSM)


  • Carrying out workshops with affected key staff from both hospitals (chief doctors, assistant doctors, nursing staff etc) to work out a tailor-made, differentiated process model
  • Developing mutual care approaches for the most important cases
  • Describing roles and responsibilities for the staff involved in the cooperation
  • Defining the implementation plan including ongoing success assessments

Customer Benefits

  • A well-balanced cooperation model to serve the interests of each hospital was developed by the affected staff with methodical support from hpo. This included a process model for the cooperation, including joint treatment approaches for the most important cases, job descriptions and implementation plans.
  • The hospital is supported by the specialist clinic to ensure that the largest number of cases can be competently treated in-house.
  • The specialist clinic also deals with additional HSM cases that the hospital cannot treat.

Kristian Schneider, Director of Hôpital du Jura and Dr. Peter Eichenberger, Director of St. Claraspital on the project: Developing a cooperation between two hospitals with hpo to generate profit for both sides.

«The Hôpital du Jura provides basic healthcare in the canton of Jura. However, it is not possible to offer the full spectrum of medical care in this rural canton, especially highly specialised medicine (HSM). For this reason, the hospital began looking for a specialist partner hospital in the region with extensive skills in abdominal surgery; and we found this partner in the St. Claraspital in Basel.

hpo supported us in the detailed conception of this cooperation. The cooperation model that was developed serves the interested of both hospitals, and is a classic win-win situation: with the St. Claraspital, the Hôpital du Jura can guarantee the optimal care of HSM patients and other complex cases in abdominal surgery, profiting from the effective transfer of knowledge. The St. Claraspital can increase their number of HSM cases and fulfil an important HSM quality attribute in the long run. The solutions were developed together with affected staff from both hospitals. hpo tactfully moderated these workshops in a target-orientated manner and even helped to overcome language barriers. The result was a a joint process model with clear role descriptions and detailed treatment approaches for the most important cases.»

Industry: Telecommunication

Annual sales: ca. 9,5 bn. CHF


  • Fundamentally new organisational arrangement
  • Allocation of responsibilities of previous divisions to the new organisational units
  • Clarification of open system engineering-specific topics between new organisational units


  • Development of a reference model on the basis of core processes of the specific divisions
  • Identification and classification of interface issues
  • Formulation of a basis for decision making, coordination and tracking of decisions
  • Coordination of clarification of open issues in relation of system impacts

Duration: 2 months


  • Clear interfaces and responsibilities between organisational units
  • Creation of the frame for the organisational design of the divisions concerned

Christian Petit, Head Private Customers, Member of the Executive Board Swisscom AG: With hpo from product- to customer-oriented Swisscom

«We have been looking for somebody we had confidence in his ability to reliably support implementation of our new strategy within the given tight timeframe. The new Swisscom strategy can be described by a single word: proximity. 

hpo understood our intent as immediately as challenges of this reorganisation which has been essential as profound. We had a great benefit from methodological support by hpo in all phases of strategy implementation - from definition of cornerstones of the new organisation beyond the business process model of Swisscom (Schweiz) AG to implementation of new principles and structures in the individual business units of the Private Customer department. 

The integral approach to providing consulting services to business organisations has been crucial to implementation success. Since all solutions have been developed within the team, they not only find high acceptance and backing within the new organisation. By coaching activities, hpo has made an important contribution to the integration of different cultures within Swisscom as well. 

In this way we have managed changes essential for the transformation from product- to customer-oriented organisation. With help of the new organisation, we have provided the basis for our superior objective: to enrich and simplify the life of people within as well as external to Swisscom by boosting proximity.»

Industry: Machinery and Component Construction


  • Drop in sales revenue and badly organised production
  • Optimisation only carried out at branch level, not in the production network
  • Redundancy of production processes, unused location benefits



  • Analysing current values and deducing potential and areas of business
  • Working out the ideal production network, defining the process model and organisation
  • Implementation planning: relocation of production lines

Customer Benefits

  • Strategic realignment of production
  • Bundling production competences
  • Reducing set costs
  • Increasing workload and profitability

Duration: 18 months

Customer Views

  • «With hpo, three business units were successfully integrated to create one high-performance product segment» (Dr. Oliver Vietze, Chairman, Baumer Group)

  • «Thanks to hpo, we now have a set path from a product-orientated to a customer-orientated Swisscom» (Member of the Executive Committee, Swisscom AG)

  • «Thanks to hpo, a business process model with consistent responsibilities, clearly defined interfaces and reduced complexity was developed» (CFO, Swisscard AG)

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