Customer Experience Design

The way in which clients inform themselves about products, communicate, receive advice and make purchase decisions has undergone a fundamental change in the digital age. In this market, products can be quickly imitated and price offensives promptly countered. For this reason, an exceptionally good customer experience (CE) that reflects changing customer expectations has become an essential strategic differentiation factor.

Customer experience is the entire customer experience of interacting with a company. To design this in the best way possible, we support companies in better understanding their customers and knowing when they want to buy which product at what price via which channel, and to design their “purchase” experience in the best possible way.

Companies that would like to differentiate their products and/or services from the competition should focus on their customers’ needs and facilitate the development of an “inspirational” customer experience. You can then better position yourself as a «service leader», turning loyal customers into motivated «promoters» for your company, and making your company both more cost-efficient and more lucrative.

hpo’s customer experience approach is based on an integral modular structure, which is used to design a unified, customer-orientated CE. Depending on the company’s starting situation, relevant activities are chosen per module.

  • Who do you want to offer what, and how?
  • How do you design an innovative, customer-orientated, multi-channel compatible customer journey?
  • What are the most important interactions («touch points»)?
  • How do you transform a product-orientated company into a customer-orientated company?


Industry: Banking


The aim: to develop a stronger position as an investment bank. The following challenges must be mastered:

  • Competitive pressure (falling market prices in asset management, digital service providers)
  • Increasing regulatory requirements
  • Low interest environment with lower return and higher client cost sensitivity
  • Insufficient investment future in the TKB
  • Improvement potential for performance in the TKB asset management mandate


  • Analysis of the starting situation/positioning
  • Developing customer segmentation including customer needs analysis
  • Analysis of customer journeys (including pain points & moments of truth)
  • Deriving new value proposition investment and the cornerstones of the service portfolio

Customer Benefits

  • Identifying customer needs per customer segment
  • Customer-orientated value proposition
  • Clarity regarding the cornerstones of the service portfolio

    • Two new consultation packages – Compact vs. Private Banking
    • New pricing models: performance fee and investment fee -> aligning the interests of  the bank and customers

David Strebel, Head of the Market Services Department at the Thurgauer Kontonalbank:

«With professional support from hpo’s industry and methodology experts, we are well on the way to thoroughly aligning our investment business services to suit our clients’ needs.
The‹top-down bottom-up› approach recommended by hpo allowed us to identify with our target customers and optimally understand and interpret their needs and requirements, as well as to efficiently carry out tests with real people.
Thanks to support from hpo,we were able to realise our project aims much more quickly.»

Industry: Trade and Consumer Goods


  • Large number of independent customer service centres for sales and service, all suffering from capacity bottlenecks
  • Unclear processes and interfaces
  • No process documentation
  • Obsolete organisational & communication tools


  • Establish the current situation
  • Develop solution suggestions and optimisation measures
  • Implementation planning and preparation

Customer Benefits

  • Balancing peak workload and increasing cost efficiency through virtual networking of customer service centres
  • Efficient collaboration through an integrated ticket system for customer requests (especially complaints) and integrated communication instruments to facilitate easier internal and external communication
  • Increasing offer quality by involving the back office, and reducing material returns

Duration: 5 months

Industry: Banking


  • Technological change/digitalisation leads to changes in customer behaviour and new competitors
  • Increasing level of regulation and administrative tasks in front-office departments


  • Analysis of current services as well as roles and responsibilities throughout the business relationship cycle (top-down bottom-up approach)
  • Analysis of business department strategies and representative transactions
  • Designing a multi-channel compatible business process model to increase sales effectiveness
  • Developing an implementable pilot concept for an optimal client servicing process (including support) to relieve customer advisors from administrative tasks

Customer Benefits

  • Increase of sales effectiveness of front units through the design of a multi-channel compatible business process model (front, mid and back office collaboration)
  • Noticeable increase in customer advisors’ customer contact time thanks to optimised client servicing process (pilot operation)

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