You want to know how your company is doing financially, and what strategic and operational optimisations can be made? A hpo check-up will assess and evaluate your company’s performance capability. To this end, your company will be analysed from a range of different perspectives. The results will be presented in the form of specific optimisations as well as rough short-term and mid-term solutions.

The individual results will be summarised to create an overall image in an analysis package that has been designed to suit your requirements and requests. Strategies, organisation, finances, processes, culture and innovation are examined individually and as part of the whole system to find key optimisation triggers. If required, customer-specific areas may be analysed, or areas can be analysed in more detail. The deliverable you receive comprises of reliable results and rough solutions.

The check-up is carried out by experienced hpo consultants that know your industry in addition to applying their experience from other industries. You will receive a comprehensive overview of your company’s performance capability. Optimisation triggers and solutions are prepared in such a way that you can directly integrate them into your communication, plans and internal project portfolio.

In an initial meeting, the scope, aims and timeframe for the check-up will be discussed. Using your needs and your perception of the starting situation, the hpo check-up module will be adapted and developed into a project approach. The project is implemented in the form of interviews and workshops, whereby the results are consolidated and condensed. The results and suggested optimisation triggers will be presented to you, discussed and documented in a final meeting.

  • How effectively is your strategy being implemented throughout the company?
  • How does your company’s performance capability compare with that of other market participants?
  • What areas of business are suitable for your company, what are specific optimisation triggers and solutions?



Reference projects

Industry: Insurance

Premium Volume: Approx. 4 billion


  • Several projects carried out to increase efficiency, but there was still the feeling of unused potential to further increase efficiency
  • A non-unified process landscape with processes at various levels, and a manager-staff ratio that does not reflect the complexity of the business


  • Interviews with department managers and personal claims management
  • Analysis of the macro process landscape, interfaces and roles
  • Developing an adapted industry process model and basic market performance architecture
  • Interviews and recording transactions with employees from various departments (liability, accident and health insurance) to verify the identified areas of activity
  • Consolidating measures in areas of activity, prioritising areas of activity and potential estimations based on obtained data and estimations (monetary and qualitative)

Customer Benefits

  • Various areas of activity have been identified and prioritised across 8 areas of activity (cost/benefit) with a total of approx. 15-20% potential to increase efficiency (in insurance services as well as administrative efforts)
  • Implementation plan prepared

Duration: 6 weeks

Industry: Equipment and Machine Construction


  • Stagnating demand
  • Underutilisation of factories
  • Increasing significance of CHF/EUR exchange rate
  • Need to reduce set costs


  • Establishing hypotheses regarding optimisation
  • Interview with group management
  • Factory visits and interviews of key people
  • Formulating triggers and consolidating results

Customer Benefits

  • Resolution of significant conflicts and uncertainties in the search for potential
  • Defined plan to recover potential for increasing performance and reducing costs…

Duration: 3 months

Industry: Dairy

Annual sales: >2 bn.CHF p.a.


  • Squeezed margins and rapidly changing market conditions
  • Product and customer portfolios hardly controlable due to highly fragmented information
  • Intransparency of profitability on customer / product level


  • Collection of data missing for profitability assessment, group-wide integration of information
  • Identification of EBIT-potential and levers for optimisation
  • Definition of measures for implementation


  • Group-wide integrated database with data on profitability
  • EBIT potential of >mCHF 50 identified
  • Profit improvement by overall mCHF 14 (mCHF 9 within 12 months from project start)
  • Development of preconditions for an effective, group-wide profitability management process on customer / product level

Industry: Industry, metalworking

Annual sales: >mCHF 500 p.a.


  • Strategy check for a highly successful business organisation
  • Cyclic market environment


  • Strategy check and specification
  • Check and adaptation of the “Makro” in place, consolidation of micro design
  • Extension and consolidation of the innovation engine in place (Modellingplan 5Mi©)


  • Competitiveness improved sustainably through a strategy that is less dependent on market cycles
  • Business development process institutionalised in order to actively steer the entire organisation

Walter Hess, CEO, Swiss Steel AG: Thanks to hpo success factors for a sustainable performance improvement have been established

"Basis for the growth realised in recent years has been created by the «High Performance Business Design» performed 10 years ago. At that time I was impressed by the integrated approach of hpo, which saved the Swiss steel industry from demise. Therefore, it was a logical step to perform a strategy check with hpo after 10 successful years and access their specific expertise in the industry. The interplay between internal experts on the one hand and the integral approach coupled with the unique consulting capabilities of hpo on the other hand have made this project a success as well."

Publications (German)



Customer Views

  • «Customer and product profitability have been increased with hpo» (Reto Conrad, former CFO, Emmi AG)

  • «Suva’s claims assessment process has been analysed and optimised with hpo» (Felix Weber, member of executive management, Suva)

Publications (German)



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