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Your aim is to create new and unharnessed value for your customers by not just innovating products but your whole business model? The speed at which the market is changing has exponentially increased in this age of globalisation, individualisation and digitalisation. The ability to quickly react to these changes with innovative business models is critical for your competitive edge.

At first glance, business models à la Google, Amazon or Uber may seem like a fine art. Here at hpo, we are convinced that it’s more of a systematic craft. The vast majority of business model innovations can be explained using a combination of various patterns. The transfer of these patterns to your industry, orientation based on the practices of ‘exponential organisation’, and the embedding of your business model into your strategy and organisation all allow for systematic considerations.

You will receive the foundations for the sustainable development of your company in the development of further business models and, therefore, the realisation of a new competitive edge. We support you with transparent decision-making processes as well as understandable, communicable and implementable results.

To begin with, there is a mutually approved starting point, within which we have adopted the framework conditions, analysed the environment and identified the company’s USPs. This ensures that the playing field is as limited or broad as you require. The second part is defined by creative workshops, during which various business models are systematically developed. After an initial evaluation of the options, there are repeated tests and further developments. Once the initial successes have been improved, the process can move onto the next step, such as organisational structure and finalising the value proposition.

  • What are the key elements of the current business model? What are the USPs responsible for success?
  • What changes are imminent in your environment? (new competitors, changing customers needs, new technologies etc)
  • What questions (who? what? how?) need to be reconsidered or updated within your business model?
  • What partnerships and cooperations would help expanding the value proposition?
  • What is the best way to introduce the new business model - in a separate organisation or integrated into existing business?

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